1 SAG driver, 8 riders, 14 states, 39 days, 2231 miles
15 September 2017

We started from Portland, ME headed to Fort Lauderdale, FL supporting the mission of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This ride was dedicated to Matthew Burke! A fabulous team riding for MS, Cancer Society, Wounded Warriors, Fuller Center & the Suicide Foundation raised over $1000 a piece, paid their own way & we’re responsible for all expenses! All monies went to Foundation!

This was an “Unbelievable” ride, we met thousands of people, churches, FD, YMCA’s, Help Centers.

Mike W. – Alaska
Jim G. – Arizona
Suzanne S. – Arizona
Sara D. – Texas
Steve D. – Texas
Curt W. – Nevada
Darren H. – Nevada
Bonnie K. – Michigan

Joining us for as much as they could;

Kelley W. – Virginia
Jennifer W. – Virginia
Lynn S. – Virginia
Robin F. – Virginia
Marie M. – Virginia
Rachael C. – Virginia

Driver & Support the whole way;

Mike W. – Kentucky

The team drew strength and inspiration from the Burke family! We thank them and are blessed to have experienced this Adventure!